Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi Everyone

This is my attempt in my book for the view but from the wrong side if you know what I mean!! I hear from Jill that she is rather busy with work at the moment so I shall send this book on to the next person on the list, (Karlijn I think) and then at the end it can go back to Jill for her to complete it. Hope this is OK with everyone - I just wanted to keep things moving.

This sketch is taken from a photo that did for a charity "nude" calendar. A very buxom young lady was leaning out of the old shed window. I've made her less buxom and "more Clothed"!


  1. Wow, very nice drawing!It's really nice to see how everyone intepret this topic. I like the way she looks. And you're right to keep things moving and frequently keep each other updated.
    Can't wait till I get your Moly. You got my address...right?

  2. Nice work, fun to hear what thoughts that lie behind the entry.