Friday, October 1, 2010

View form a studio window

EWian moly_x_79

Hi, suddenly realised I had some blogging to do...

My inspiration for this entry was the view from my studio window. I love the motive of the clothesline. This one I share with my neighbour. In this entry I have used a bit whimsical style. So excited to see how the rest of the book will develop. Wondering how people and the art will interact on the pages.

I'll upload the video on how I made my entry, just need to edit it down to under 10 minutes.


Medium used: pencil, eraser, acrylic paint, vinyl paint, iridescent, vintage paper, permanent marker, crystal gloss, promarkers, gesso and glue.


  1. Hi, nice to see your entry to the view-topic.
    Like your the underwear ;)
    I have to be patience until I can do my part for your Moly.....can't wait :))

  2. Sweet drawing. Dig the new group. Have fun.