Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am now retired and spend my time training my two dogs, Floyd a German Shepherd and Daphne a black labrador, to compete in Working Trials which is similar to what the police do. I can liken it to 3 day eventing for horses as there are so many different elements to complete. I spend time in my 2 acre garden and drawing and painting which I took up when I retired.

Do hope that you all like what we've done so far. Bruce's picture of Paul, The Octopus, got me thinking and I wanted to keep the round window going, and could only think of a space ship! Can't wait to see what Jill adds to the book which I sent to her last week. The next book is almost ready to go!
Do hope that this group manages to keep going. I've loved being in the different Moly groups and seen what others can do.


  1. Nice work Sharon & Bruce! Your work is making me nervous... I wish I had half the talent of you guys! :O

    Did you finish your own, Sharon? Hope you update us with a picture before you send it out to Jill! :)

  2. Grate to see what you are up to :)