Monday, August 23, 2010

Little introduction

Hi everyone,

Well here is my introduction.....I'm 31 years old and I like:

Art, painting, books, babyfeet, my boyfriend and little son, feeling of grass with my bare feet, drawing, spring, fall, Sex & the City, icecreams, France, my frieds, getting a card by mail, babykisses, thea with a magazine, reading in bed, dancing, Den Bosch, festivals, my two sisters, the sea, my parents, sleepovers, camping, x-mas, taking long walks in a forest, the sixties,the fifthies, the eighties, summer and winterevenings,a nice warm fireplace drinking red wine.

I work for 3 days as an Art therapist with disabled kids (autisme, ADHD, ect.) Besides that, I spend time with my son and boyfriend and study art at an Art School in Belgium. This year is my final year and it's going to be a busy one because I have to finish my work on time and I'm expecting my second baby in March :). So I already started painting and drawing. My inspiration: old photos I got from my grandparents.
The empty rooms and portraits on my Flickrsite are my first reaction on these photos.

I really like the topic "View from my window" and I'm really excited to get started. I'm thinking of using the old photo with the topic....maybe a view from my window into the past? I don't know yet but it will come together eventually.
Well I think that's enough......for now :))


  1. Welcome back Karljin!

    I'm anticipating how your Moly's gonna look like, can't wait to receive it! Don't forget to update everyone here before you send it out to me, ok? :D

  2. Perfect. Keep that communication going. It is the key to a successful group.

  3. It's good to be back ;)
    I will update everyone when I send my book to you

  4. Good presentation! Sounds like you'll be buzzy this coming year, at least you will not get bored :)